Thorin Oakenshield is a Dwarf of noble birth, the son of kings and heir to the treasures of Erebor. If he is to lead his kinsmen safely to The Lonely Mountain and reclaim the incalculable wealth that lies there, he will need every ounce of his considerable cunning and skill to triumph.

    Thorin's Company is a remarkably detailed collection of Dwarves – Thorin Oakenshield, Balin the Dwarf, Dori the Dwarf, Oin the Dwarf, Gloin the Dwarf, Nori the Dwarf, Ori the Dwarf, Kili the Dwarf, Fili the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Bombur the Dwarf, Bofur the Dwarf and Bifur the Dwarf. Each model carries a unique piece of weaponry – Thorin Oakenshield brandishes a sword while for the rotund Bombur the Dwarf, a ladle and meat cleaver will do the job nicely. 

    Bilbo Baggins is a miniature of exquisite detailing, and he comes with two variant arms – with one he is gripping Sting and with the other variant he holds his walking staff. The splendiferous Gandalf the Grey is posed reaching forward, leaning upon his staff, and wearing a long robe, a scarf and sword – and not forgetting his iconic pointy hat.

    This kit comes in 28 plastic components, and includes 15 25mm round bases.

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Thorin Oakenshield™ & Company (GW30-42)

  • Producător: Games Workshop
  • Cod produs: GW30-42
  • Disponibilitate: În Stoc
  • 180,00Lei

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