• Dark Imperium: Plague War (PB) (GWBL2659)

A Warhammer 40,000 novel

Intent on rebuilding Ultramar, the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman wages war on the treacherous Death Guard – but as he battles his corrupted brother, the intervention of a greater power threatens all he works for.


The story of the resurrected Ultramarines primarch continues, and brings him face to face – and sword to scythe – with Mortarion…


In the void and upon the worlds of Greater Ultramar, the battle for the Imperium continues. Intent on rebuilding his home realm and using it as base to reconstruct the ravaged stellar empire of mankind, the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman proceeds with his war to drive Mortarion and his Death Guard Traitor Legion from the domain of the Ultramarines. But when Guilliman brings his brother to battle upon the diseased plains of Parmenio, the intervention of a greater power in their fraternal struggle threatens to upend the Imperial Regent’s understanding of the galaxy, and his place within it. Primarchs and ideologies clash in this second, thrilling part of the Dark Imperium trilogy.

Written by Guy Haley 

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Dark Imperium: Plague War (PB) (GWBL2659)

  • Producător: Games Workshop
  • Cod produs: GWBL2659
  • Disponibilitate: În Stoc
  • 56,00Lei

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